Dila Kharel

Dila Kharel

NRNA President Candidacy

My Commitments for 2023-25


Respected Nepali community leaders and members of NRNA NCC Australia,

Warm Namaste!

As per your advice and suggestions, I have decided to contest for the post of President of Non Resident Nepali Association National Coordination Council (NRNA NCC) Australia for 2023-25. I arrived in Australia in 2006 as a student. As soon as I graduated, I started taking part in the NRN movement actively. I have worked as Spokesperson, Treasurer and Vice President of NCC Australia. I have also been active in many charitable organisations. I see my candidacy as the continuation of my social work. If elected, along with the NCC Australia team, I will endeavour to deliver following activities: 

In Australia: 

For Nepali Students: We will publish a handbook for Nepali students so as to help them in their studies, pursuit if work and about life and opportunities in Australia. NCC Australia will conduct ongoing training sessions on specific themes including jobs, personal and professional development.\

For Nepali Youths: I will launch ‘One Fund for Youth’ programme so as to support Nepali youths to become an entrepreneur. NCC Australia under my leadership will raise Aus$ 100,000 to support ‘idea banking,’ A team of finance and investment professionals will provide legal, accounting and other advice to short-listed entrepreneurs. A seed capital will also be provided from the ‘One Fund for Youth.’ 

For Senior Citizens: The NCC Australia, under my leadership, will launch free health check-up programme for our parents visiting Australia in different states every three months. We respect them for their generosity and will organize recreational activities for them. 

Branding Nepali celebrities: Nepali doctors, players, actors and other talented personalities will be branded and introduced to multi-cultural Australian society. Nepalese living in Australia will be brnaded as law abiding, tax paying, honest, dedicated and and professional diaspora. A list of successful Nepali personalities in Australia will be drawn up and they will be encouraged to invest their talent, expertise and network for the benefit of Nepal as well as Nepalese community in Australia. 

Continuation of Nepali Citizenship: NCC Australia, under my leadership, will lobby for the early implementation of NRN citizenship. It will also lobby for continuation of Nepali Citizenship so as to transfer skills, resources and networks of NRNs in Australia for the development of Nepal. 

For Nepal: 

Strengthening Nepal-Australia relations: An estimated 200,000-strong Nepali community live in Australia. An Experts Group will be formed to explore areas of cooperation between the two countries and the report will be handed over to both the governments. NCC Australia will reach out to the federal as well as state governments in Australia to foster closer ties. 

Promoting Touism: NCC Australia, under my leadership, will reach out to Greek, Brazilian, Italian, Vietnamese and other communities in Australia and encourage them to visit Nepal. Various Nepal promoting activities will be carried out in cooperation with Nepal Tourism Board, Nepali embassy in Australia and other organisations. 

Promoting Skills: With a fund of at least Aus $ 100,000, ‘OneNCC,One Investment, One Employment’project will be launched in Nepal.In partnership with provincial government, NCC Australia – under the guidance of NRNA ICC- will facilitate investment and technical advice to develop skills of Nepali women and support them to become entrepreneurs. 

Construction of Australia Park: In collaboration with the government of Nepal, Australian embassy and like-minded organisations, an Australian Park will be constructed within Kathmandu valley. The park- which will be a monument for bilateral relations- will showcase life in Australia. 

Continuation of Ongoing Projects 

I will continue signature projects of NCC Australia and will make them more effective. Nepal Festivals will be organized in all states of Australia. Entrepreneurs Conference will be re-modelled as ‘Nepal Economic Summit’ so as to promote trade and investment between the two countries. Nepali and Australian officials as well as Australian and Nepali business leaders will be invited for the Summit. 

Under my leadership, NCC Australia will establish its head office in Sydney as huge Nepali community live and work in the state of New South Wales. Community support will be mobilized to sustain the office. 

In order to fulfill above pledges, I would like to urge all registered members of the NRNA Australia to vote for me and my team in the NCC election being held on 29th July 2023. 


Thank you! 

Dila Kharel