Dila Kharel

Dila Kharel

NRNA Australia | Candidate for president 2023-2025

Dila Kharel For
NRNA President

NRNA Australia | Candidate for president 2023-2025

Dila Kharel For President

About Dila

Dila Kharel, a dedicated and compassionate individual, social worker, and young entrepreneur, is a candidate who stands before you with a burning desire to make a lasting impact on society. With an unwavering commitment to the Nepalese community, both in Australia and Nepal, Dila Kharel has proven himself to be a true champion of progress and positive change.

As an accomplished accountant, certified mortgage consultant, and financial advisor, Dila Kharel boasts an impressive 15-year track record in the mortgage and finance industry. Through his expertise, he has guided numerous Nepalese Australians to achieve their financial goals and flourish in their business endeavors. His extensive knowledge and experience in accounting, business advisory, and financial services since 2007 have cemented his reputation as a trusted advisor in the community. Dila Kharel’s dedication to empowering others is further exemplified by his role as an Assistant Lecturer in Accounting and Taxation, where he imparts knowledge to aspiring professionals.


The NRNA represents a common and collaborative voice for all Nepalese living in Australia. It is a platform that unites us together and unity is absolutely important. That is why I am a NRNA member and that is why our allegiance toward this great organization is important

Beyond his professional achievements, Dila Kharel is an ardent advocate for the Nepalese community. He has demonstrated an unyielding passion for social service, as evidenced by his remarkable track record of fundraising and volunteering. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Dila Kharel led a successful fundraising campaign that raised a staggering $1.2 million for the reconstruction efforts. This extraordinary accomplishment reflects his ability to rally communities together for a common cause and showcases his unwavering commitment to Nepal’s welfare. In addition, Dila Kharel serves as a valued NSW Government SES Volunteer and is an active member of Help Nepal Network, a distinguished charity organization providing essential education, health, and orphanage services in Nepal. He has spearheaded numerous social support initiatives, raised awareness through impactful campaigns, and organized charity programs, all aimed at creating a positive change in the lives of those in need.

Dila Kharel firmly believes that he can bring about significant improvements in the lives of Nepalese Australians. His vision is to collaborate closely with the NRNA Australia board and its members, diligently promoting the interests of the Nepalese community and forging a stronger future for all. With his unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership skills, and comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by NRNs, Dila Kharel is the catalyst for transformative change that the community needs.

By casting your vote for Dila Kharel, you are entrusting your support to a visionary leader who will champion your rights, amplify your voices, and work tirelessly to enhance the well-being of every Nepalese Australian. Together, let us create a prosperous and empowered future for our community under the dynamic leadership of Dila Kharel. Vote for Dila Kharel, and together, we will build a brighter tomorrow.

Dila Kharel

NRNA australia | Candidate for president 2023-2025

Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    To Promote and Protect the rights and interest of People of Nepali Origin residing in Australia.

  • Vision

    The Mission of NRNA is to unite and bring Nepali residing here in Australia under one umbrella; protect and promote their interest in and outside Nepal and utilize their potentials,skill, knowledge and resources for the wider welfare of Nepal.


High Level Agenda

1.   Policy, Lobby and Advocacy -NEPAL
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Voting Rights
  • Property Rights
  • Investment and Repatriation
Policy, Lobby and Advocacy -AUSTRALIA
  • Federal , State and Local Government Policy & Strategy Lobby
  • Setting up NRNA Grant Commission
  • Resource Centre and Strategic Partnering With Embassy of Nepal in Canberra and Consulate offices
2.   NRNA Australia Constitutional & Organisational Reform
Organisational Structure
Election in Major Position Only
Organisational Governance
Administration , Department Wise Governance and Reporting
3.  NRNA Membership Reform
  • Membership Start from Kathmandu Airport & Continues and always open.
  • One Category Membership -“VALUED MEMBERS”
4.  Development Partner of Nepal and Nepali
5.  Strengthening Bilateral Relation Of Australia and Nepal
6.  Promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In Nepal.
7.  Tourism Promotion by branding NRNA Ambassador's Program

High Level Agenda


1.  Professionals and Experts
SKILL KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION TRANSFER Rewarding all their Achievement and connecting their skill, knowledge and expertise to Nepal
2.  Youth
INVEST IN IDEA BANKING – ONE FUND FOR YOUTH Sharing Their Pride Stories, Achievement and Example
3.  Senior Citizen and Parents

Listening them, Incorporating their Knowledge, Idea and Experience for Greater Good of Nepali  Residing in In Australia & Nepal 

4.  Students

STUDENT HAND BOOK – Guiding Principle for International Student

NRNA Will be Their Brand Ambassador for their Achievement and sharing their achievement

5.  Working With Multi Cultural Society in Australia
  • Showcasing Nepali Culture and Customs via Nepal Festival
  • India, China, Greek, Italy and other Community Exchange Program

Agenda For Nepal

Working in health, education, charity and philanthropy

  • Supporting to JUMLA Hospital
  • Equivalent 10 Lakhs Health Equipments
  • Health Fund – New Born Child Fund 5 Thousand Nrs to Each mother.
Building School in Dolpa – With 5 Lakh Investment
Branding, Promoting and Showcasing the Practice of Practical Philanthropy


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